October 2019
"IT World" finishes successfully the project "E-Classes"

October 2017
"IT World" starts the project "E-Classes"

October 2016
"IT World BG" finalizes successfully the project "Gain Time"

June 2016
The second national multiplier event on project "Gain Time" in Bulgaria took place on 03 June 2016
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April 2016
The forth partner meeting on project "Gain Time" took place on in Sofia on 11-12.04.2016
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 August 2015
The first national Bulgarian multiplier event on project "Gain Time" took place on 21 August 2015.
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June 2015
The first multiplier event on project "Gain Time" in Bulgaria will take place on Friday, 21 August 2015.
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May 2015
The second partner meeting on project 
"Gain Time" in Porto has been completed successfully.
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November 2014
The first partner meeting on project "Gain Time" in Madrid has been completed.
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October 2014
"IT World BG" has started participation in project "Gain Time". More info for the project in the "Projects" section. 


August 2014
Project CCN has been completed successfully and results reported.

May 2013
"IT World BG" started execution of the project "Cross-border Cooperation and Networking through e-learning and Career Development" as a partner to University of Nish under the Bulgaria-Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme

March 2013
Association "IT World BG" finished successfully the Deployment of e-learning platform for "Global Libraries - Bulgaria" (

February 2013
The joint project between University of Nish, Chitalishte Bratstvo Kyustendil and "IT World BG" under the "IPA Cross-border Bulgaria-Serbia" Programme has been aproved

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