E-Classes Multiplier Workshop in Sofia

On 10 September 2019 Association "IT World BG" with the cooperation with Bulgarian Association of Network Academies (BANA) organized multiplier event for the purpose of disseminating the project “Flip your classes through multimedia enriched apprenticeship simulations and develop e-skills for VET teachers and students to enhance youth employability” or in brief E-classes. The project is funded under the Erasmus + program, Key Activity 2, Strategic Partnership in VET, 2017-1-RO01-KA202-037344. http://e-classes.eu/

Thirty one teachers from 20 vocational schools all over the country were introduced to the platform e-Classes of the project https://edu.e-classes.eu/, the 40 multimedia lessons in different technological disciplines, career orientation interviews, created within the project. The flipped lesson supposes that the teacher prepares the theoretical part of the lesson as a video material to which the students have access before coming to class. This way during the lessons, they will have more time for discussions, practical exercises, etc. Flipped classes methodology is expected to raise the motivation of the students as well as to make them be more proactive in class and reach better results.

Spas Kostov from "IT World BG" gave the participants detailed information about the platform and how teachers can get use of all resources of the project. The materials are available for everyone to access them with user name and password and special administration access will be given to those teachers who would like to upload their materials and share them with other teachers and students.

Yana Anastasova, one of the teachers, who participated in the project and who developed 5 flipped lessons on IT, shared her experience with the participants of the event, introducing them to the process of creating the flipped lessons, tests, quizzes and exercises as well as the group discussions organized in class.

Teodora Borissova from BANA spoke about the career orientation of students and the emphasis on the soft skills and raising motivation of students at school.

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