Association "IT World BG"

This is the official website of the Bulgarian Association "IT World BG" - public non-for-profit legal entity registered under Bulgarian law regulations for non-government organizations. "IT World BG" is association of individuals and experts with the following major aims:

  • Assist the development and modernization of information technologies in Bulgaria and Europe
  • Offer innovative, comfortable and flexible solutions in the broadest possible range in IT problems
  • Help to develop effective methods and the introduction of best practices in education
  • Create an optimal environment for life long learning
  • Work for the development of a civil society in Bulgaria

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"We never, ever in the history
of mankind have had access
to so much information
so quickly and so easily."

Vinton Cerf

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6 Gurko str.
1000 Sofia Bulgaria
tel. (+359)87-9698033
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