Сиско мрежова академия

The Cisco networking academy of the Association "IT World BG" has been registered in 2011 with supporting academy by "Bulgarian Industrial Association" and the support of the Bulgarian Association of the Networking Academies. 

The Cisco Academy of "IT World BG" has 2 experienced academy instructors with more than 8 years background. We offer courses up to the CCNA level:

  • IT Essentials - 1 semester
  • CCNA Discovery - 4 semesters
  • CCNA Exploration - 4 semesters
  • CCNA Security - 1 semester

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For more information regarding our Cisco Academy please use the contact form on the right. Detailed information about Cisco networking academy program, curriculum and academy locator can be found on the Academy NetSpace website: www.netacad.com.


"We never, ever in the history
of mankind have had access
to so much information
so quickly and so easily."

Vinton Cerf


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ул. Пиротска 45 А, ап.13
тел. (+359)87-9698033

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